valentines video card

as featured on the sue sweeney show bbc radio newcastle


have you forgot about valentines day ? have you forgot to get a card?

this is for you, it can be posted on facebook or any other platform.

show that special person that you love them by posting a custom made valentines message video clip.

imagine their face when they see the video posted on facebook or any other platform

send me any message and any photo and i will build the video

when your video is ready i will send you a download link

full support

order yours here it could save your life

product of the day


10 x Funny Novelty Spider man, toy slime Viscous Climbing Spiderman, Somersault, funny gadgets, gifts kids toys, adult stress relief ideal for work or the office

The Climbing Spider Man is fun guy to play with, he can be put on glass , the walls.
When you throw him up he will fall slowly, like American movies Spiderman action thriller
Fun and exciting for children and adults.
Adult stress relief ideal for work or the office
Executive toy
Race your friends, see who gets to the bottom first
Great for kid’s birthday parties

note; this product is environmentally friendly silicone material production

[Name] Climbing Spider-Man

Not recommended] about 8.5cm * 3cm
for children under five, adult supervision recommended

Delivered direct from the manufacture please allow up to 29 days for delivery

gifts forpets

gifts for pets

wines spirits and bears

wines spirits and bears

hand warmers

hand warmers

tracking for pets adults and children

tracking for pets adults and children

spy gadgets

spy gadgets

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