Sea Monkeys 80482 Ocean Zoo- color may vary

Sea Monkeys have been on the Earth for thousands of years, they’ve even been to space! Now you can instantly hatch them in your home with the Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo. Sea Monkey eggs can survive in suspended animation for years, so just add water and you’ll soon have your very own colony! Use the aquarium’s magnified viewing portals to watch them hatch and grow. Then hatch the eggs your Sea Monkeys will lay! How many generations will you have? This set includes everything you’ll need for your new science fiction pets, including instant live eggs, food and feeding spoon, water purifier and aquarium. An amazing first aquarium for 6 and over.

Sea Monkeys Ocean Zoo

A miracle of nature, Sea Monkeys exist in suspended animation in their tiny eggs for many years. Watch them hatch and live their entire life cycle in your very own aquarium. Set includes aquarium with magnified viewing portals, water purifier, instant live eggs, growth food and feeding spoon. One supplied, colour and style may vary. Suitable for ages 6 years + Safety Information: Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years.